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General Lubrication Equipment Help

Identifying your Lincoln Piledriver or Powermaster Pumptube

Grease gun troubleshooting and operation

Lubromation Quicklube System Help

Hydraulic Hammer Auto Lubrication System Notes

Quicklube Lubrication System, Maintainence and Troubleshooting

Information on adjusting Quicklube system cycle frequency

Information on filling your Quicklube grease reservoir

How a Quicklube valve works

Lubromation Orsco System Help

Series 150 Information

Series 150 System Layout and Parts List

Series 150 System Replacement Parts

Series 150 System Installation Guidelines

Series 170 Information

Series 170 System Service Manual

Lubromation Centromatic System Help

Supply and Feedline lengths for Centromatic System

Lubricants Help

Oil Viscosity Conversion Table

National Lubricating Grease Institute Consistency Grades

Viscosity Ranges for Lubricants

Automatic Lubrication Equipment

Hose Replacement Guidelines

Product Manuals    Click on any of the model numbers below to view the service sheet

Controllers and Timers

Lincoln 85530 Controller
Lincoln 85535 24 VDC
Lincoln 85520 120 VAC
Lincoln 84501 120 VAC
Lincoln 84530 120 VAC
Farval 2200


Lincoln 81770 SL-1 Injectors
Lincoln 85497 SL-11 Injectors
Lincoln 83336 SL-32 Injectors
Lincoln 85497 SL-11 Injectors
Lincoln 85780 SL-V Injectors

Hose Reels

Lincoln 82206 Bare Reel
Lincoln 94100 Reel Series
Lincoln 94300 Reel Series
Lincoln 94500 Reel Series

Centromatic System Pumps

Hydraulic Powered Pumps
86258 Flowmaster with Canister
85470 Flowmaster with Canister
85487 Flowmaster with Canister
85480 Flowmaster Bare Pump
85481 Flowmaster Bare Pump
85482 Flowmaster Bare Pump
85483 Flowmaster Bare Pump

Pneumatic Powered Pumps
82570 Centromatric Oil Pump

Flowmaster Electris Pumps
84571 Elect. Flowmaster with Canister
84572 Elect. Flowmaster with Canister
84573 Elect. Flowmaster with Canister
85568 Elect. Flowmaster Bare Pump
85569 Elect. Flowmaster Bare Pump
85587 Elect. Flowmaster Bare Pump
85591 Elect. Flowmaster Bare Pump
274823 Elect. Flowmaster Bare Pump
275560 Elect. Flowmaster Bare Pump
275626 Elect. Flowmaster Bare Pump

Quicklube Pumps
94012 Quicklube Elect. Grease Pump
94024 Quicklube Elect. Grease Pump
94822 Quicklube Elect. Grease Pump
94422 Quicklube Elect. Grease Pump
94222 Quicklube Elect. Grease Pump
94823 Quicklube Elec. Grease Pump W/Remote

Data Logger version of Quicklube Pump

General Lubricant Pumps
Lincoln 82050 Grease Pump 120
Lincoln 82054 Grease Pump 55 Gallon